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Welcome to Dave's Fishing Page!

Fly fisherman  

Hi!  Welcome to my fishing page on the Web.  
Here you'll find a little information about freshwater fish species,
how and where to catch them in Connecticut
(and a whole lot of tall fish tales).  

New! My visit to Acadia National Park, Mount Desert Island, ME.

Some of my favorite links...

Good for spending some $$$ ...
largemouth bass
Bass Pro Shops (everything for the freshwater angler)

A great Magazine and excellent resource for Freshwater fishing tips:


One great book I got for Christmas many years ago that has given me a wealth of valuable information that has aided me in catching many Bass is the one pictured below, 101 BASS-CATCHING SECRETS by Roland Martin.

101 secrets

The Web Site of one of the most famous Bass fishermen of all time, Roland Martin

Coming Soon!  Photos of fishing during Summer 2002!
jumping fish

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