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Welcome to Dave's Place!   

Hi. You've reached the home page of Dave Willis.
The purpose of this page is to offer links and information
concerning hobbies of mine, news of friends, and general nonsense
available nowhere else!
For the most part, this page is merely a site map for the rest of my Site.

Are you looking for inexpensive, quality tutoring to master your IBM-compatible or Macintosh computer in the comfort and convenience of your own home? Then you've come to the right guy. I offer friendly, thorough, and affordable tutoring at your convenience! Please see my Web Page describing the services I offer, available days and times, and the cost.

I have published a new page about a place called Christmas Wonderland. Please take a moment and look at it. Also, if you have a few minutes, please drop by the Web Site of my employer, Mystic Seaport Museum in Mystic, CT and peruse the wealth of information available there.

New! Check out the newest additions to my site: Pages on freshwater fishing in Connecticut and my recent trip to Acadia National Park!

Other Stuff: Black and White Photography!

About the Author...
I am 44 years old, and live and work in a small coastal town in Southeastern Connecticut called Mystic. I have lived there for a large portion of my life, and am employed in a Maritime Museum's Information Services Department as a Computer Tech. I am currently single. Hobbies and interests include camping, fishing, hiking, movies, some books, stamp collecting, photography, and, of course, computers. My life has been blessed with many friends for which I am forever grateful.

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